September 14, 2017

5 Common Printing Problems and Their First-Aid Fixes

Experiencing problems with the printer is normal. All part of a day’s work as some would call it. There are days it produces low-quality output, sudden paper jam, or it just refuses to function.

While you may need to hire printer repair technicians for some errors, there are a few common printing problems that you can fix on your own. Below are 5 common printing errors and their corresponding solutions.

Printing Problems

1. Sudden Delays in Printing

When your printer starts moving at a slow pace or has delays in between and before printing, it is likely to have problems with printer drivers, memory, or resolution settings.

Failure to update the drivers could mean you miss out on fixes on bugs and other settings issues. Limited memory and high-resolution settings also contribute to a slow printer.

This can be frustrating when you are rushing to print documents and all of a sudden it prints slowly.

How to resolve the problem will depend on the kind of error your printer has. Update the drivers whenever a new version comes out. Use a PCL driver for faster printing. For printing high-quality images, use PostScript drivers. Add more memory when it is the culprit. Adjust the settings when printing at a high resolution causes a slowdown.

Printing Problems and Fixes

2. Recurring Paper Jams

Paper jams that happen on a daily basis are worse than slow printing. Imagine the amount of time wasted just to remove the jammed paper and restart the printing job.

One of the main causes of paper jams is paper misalignment. Remove the tray to make sure the paper is aligned and the stack is squared properly before repositioning it again. If the paper is stuck in the rollers, follow proper instructions on your manual on how to remove it without jamming the printer.

If your printer experiences further problems, check the troubleshooting section in your printer’s manual. In the event that the solutions at hand don’t work, have your problem looked at by repairs experts.

3. Prints with Bad Quality

Your printer may be operating fine, but you suddenly notice terrible quality, such as faded images and texts in your documents. If you notice smudges on your printer, try printing several blank sheets until the smudges fade away.

Double check on your printer drivers to make sure the correct type of paper is being used. Switch from draft mode to high-quality mode to ensure good quality for your printing.

For laser printers, remove the cartridges and shake them multiple times. For inkjet printers, clean the nozzle and align the print head. If this does not work, have your cartridges replaced.

Printer Problem Solutions

4. The Printer Is Not Printing

Your printer may look like it is functional but all of a sudden it stops printing. If your printer does not print properly, there is a possibility that the print driver is to blame. The driver can be reinstalled or updated to the latest version.

Make sure there aren’t any loose cables and that your USB or Ethernet cable is properly attached to the printer. The easiest solution to this problem is restarting the printer; start off by restarting the software application, and, if this does not work, reboot the computer. Turn off the printer for a couple of minutes, then turn it back on to see if it is functioning well again.

5. Problems with Wi-Fi Printing

Wi-Fi printing has made things easier, but it can have problems too. Printing speed, for example, may be affected by the communication signal between the router and printer, requiring you to move the devices closer to one another.

Printer hardware and firmware will also matter. This is why you need to check if a router supports a 802.11n connection or has a 5GHz band and an updated firmware.

If network connection is still a problem, call providers of computer repair services, such as general troubleshooting or network set up and security. The same team can also check on possible problems with the hardware, software, and even operating systems that may cause printing problems

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