Data backup and transfer

Losing your data (personal files, pictures, music, documents) because of a simple computer malfunction or because your hard disk crash can be quite frustrating, to say the least as years of hard earned work can be lost forever without retrieval. During a probable hard disk damage which might obviously lead to data loss, one might lose family photos, music collections or financial data which might not be retrievable only with the aid of an expert technician from Computer Repairs North Lakes.

So when you get your computer – the exact condition you want, reconfiguration of some personal settings on your new computer such as screensavers, desktop background, sounds, and wireless network configurations can take a lot of your time to attend and this can be discouraging to say the least. So, don’t despair if your computer or Mac laptop cannot be repaired or is too expensive to repair – there might still be chance for data recovery and those valuable files can still be retrieved from your hard drive including those family photographs. If the hard drive in your failed computer is stable and functioning, we can enclosure the hard drive from your failed machine into portable hard drive can still be used by you effectively.

Data Backup and Transfer North Lakes

Though, if your hard disk is unstable or badly damaged, our expert technicians at Computer Repairs North Lakes will attempt to recover your data such as files, music, photos and documents then transfer them for you onto your new computer or we could also transfer these files onto an external hard disk. This service comes at an affordable price but vary if on site or at our office.

Data Backup on Failing Hard-drives

If you suspect that your hard drive is starting to fail and you are experiencing some of your data being corrupted, we strongly suggest to take a backup of files to avoid a data loss catastrophe. Backing up of files strongly depends on how damaged your hard drive is as to whether we can successfully retrieve your data from it. For service such as this, you will be required to bring your computer to our office at Computer Repairs North Lakes.

Backup Image of Hard-drive

We can make a backup of the whole image of your computer’s hard-drive and transfer everything into a new one leaving you computer files exactly the same as it was. Hard-drive replacement and data transfer service is cost-effective to have undertaken in our office as we are able to save personal time by multi-tasking thus making the fee reduced from the time consuming data copying process.

Encrypted Data Backups

It is also possible for us at Computer Repair North Lakes to provide you an extra layer of protection on your backup files by means of data backup encryption on all kinds of internal and portable hard drives. Just call us at (07) 3155 2003 or visit our office at Computer Repairs North Lakes so we can discuss the option available to you.

Mobile Device Backup with iTunes

Often, iTunes do request a backup of your iPhone and other Apple mobile devices. You can obviously tell this is happening when you notice the iTunes status window (located at the top of the iTunes window) will say “Backing up your device”. This process actually copies all of your device’s data from all applications (such as SMS app, Address Book app, Visual Voicemail etc) on your local computer hard disk. If you ever need to restore your device, the backup data from this process is what is used.

We often encounter customers that are coming to us in a panic because of their computer or laptop is not booting up and it has all their data stored in it. In the worst cases where your hard drive is so corrupted and damaged that retrieval of you data becomes difficult than usual, we may have no choice than to consider taking your hard drive to a data recovery laboratory which is quite expensive but be sure that we would notify you before taking making this option. This option is made available if the information and files on your drive are worth dying for, then a specialized data recovery expert is employed.

However, a simple preventive caution can go a long way to save you from aforementioned ordeal by simply backing up your data to another device regularly. Keeping a backup of your data should become a regular part of your computer or laptop maintenance routine. To help save you lots of time and frustration, we at Computer Repair North Lakes will strongly recommend that you take the precaution of backing up your data and settings regularly to avoid a preventable unwarranted spending, time-consuming and frustration process of data retrieval.

  • It is best to create data backup on removal media (USB, CD Memory Card, Network Location or External Hard Disk).
  • For Windows 7 Operating System user; there is a Windows Easy Transfer utility that is used to relocate files, folders and program settings to another PC. It is advised to log on as an Admin to perform these tasks with ease. Thou, window 7 are outdated now.
  • We can help you set up your online storage or cloud backup for you, keeping you in control of all your files and important documents. A few years back, online storage/ backup medium and data transfer were billed by the megabyte. Now in today’s era of Cloud Computing, storage and data transfer is measured and priced by the gigabyte and also at an affordable low cost.

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