January 31, 2020

Different Things to Avoid Posting on Social Media Sites

The different forms of social websites were formulated to mostly connect important people like relatives, friends, and acquaintances. This is the very best place where we can share different forms of media like pictures, current events, interests, and also a great deal more. However, as great as this stage is, using social media also comes with a lot of downsides on account of the abuse and abuse of a number of its customers.

This is why it is a must for someone to think a lot of times before posting anything on social networking sites. Bear in mind, just because you are behind a screen, it will not make what you are posting unreal. Everything which you publish online will have an impact on someone, so make certain it leaves them with a huge smile. 

For this reason, we’ve listed different scenarios and events which shouldn’t be submitted on social media.

Time of Death

The news of a death is a devastating one, and this news shouldn’t be announced on social media. Yes, posts can be a great way to spread the word far and fast but be empathetic to those who are closest to them and are dealing with their grief privately.

The last thing a family member or close friend wants is to find out via social media that a loved one has passed. If you do have to pass on this information to somebody and can’t meet face to face, then a phone call or even a private message would be a better option than announcing it to the world.  

Take the families to lead and wait for their posts to send condolence messages or share memorable photos. This is another instance where you need to respect the privacy of others. 


Inviting friends and family to an event you are hosting, such as a house party, is a very common thing to use social media for. These sites have specific group pages you can create for this purpose to stop you from posting invitations to the broader network. An open invitation online can travel much further than you think. Posting an open invitation to the entirety of your friends and followers could see you in an uncomfortable position.

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Social media has become a useful platform to bring together communities when tackling crime. For example, posting CCTV footage to search for somebody, finding stolen pets, or tracking vehicles involved in a crime. 

This being said, you should avoid posts that incite gossip and speculation as these can do more damage than good to your case if you’re involved in a crime. Discussing your case online, replying to questions, and giving out information about others involved can have serious consequences and hinders the justice system immensely. 

Your Personal Information

Posting personal information online is a risky thing to do. People feel safe amongst their online communities, especially those that have tried their hardest to clamp down their privacy settings so that only people who you accept can see their account. 

However, fake accounts are rife, and truthfully the majority of us do have online friends that we don’t actually know. Posting a harmless comment with your phone number or address could see you being a victim of a crime such as fraud and burglary.

Date of Birth

The birth of a baby is always an exciting time, and on-lookers waiting for the news of the little one’s arrival will find themselves hovering social media for that always beautiful announcement post. 

This post must come from the parents! It’s their moment, and they are more than likely too busy to update their followers straight away, so be patient. Don’t be the one to steal their thunder if you hear down the grapevine that the baby has arrived. Remember that their family is the priority, so allow them time to spread the news themselves.

Furthermore, birthing a baby is an exhausting thing, parents may want a few days together with the baby before the world comes knocking at their door, and the congratulatory messages pour in. Please respect their privacy! 


Think before you click! Always remember that anything you post on social media will be to the public to view. All this post will have a fantastic impact on your life both negatively and positively to your life and private relationship with others. Be certain that you protect your privacy and be mindful of your personal social media posting. In addition, there are other things that you can do with social media such as using Facebook advertising to grow your business.

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