General Computer Troubleshooting

Computer Troubleshooting North Lakes – services for optimal performance of your computers, laptops, and mobile gadgets.

Having problems with your computer?  Many things can contribute to computer problems – from hardware failure to outdated drivers, fragmented disk space, malware and other computer problems. When this happens, a complete computer diagnostic should be performed. This can help help identify the cause and arrive at the best possible solution to keep your computer running at top speed.

Computer Repairs North Lakes offers General Troubleshooting Services for all types of computers, laptops, mobile devices, and network equipment. We can help identify, analyse, and repair all types of computer problems, both hardware and software. Our computer technicians are Microsoft Certified Professionals with years of experience and expertise.

If your computer, laptop, or mobile device is not running properly, give us a call at (07) 3155 2003 to schedule a visit from us. Our services are absolutely free of call-out charges.

Computer Troubleshooting Services

Our troubleshooting services cover a wide range of aspects of hardware and software repair. From PC and Apple Mac repair, to mobile device and network equipment setup. Thus, the general troubleshooting services are ideal for both home and office equipment and can be customized depending on your needs.

The customised hardware troubleshooting procedures are ideal for computers, laptops, mobile device, peripherals, network equipment and network setup. While software troubleshooting may cover operating system, programs, applications, mobile apps, data, files and services.


Our PC Repairs Service may cover one or several of the following:

  • Blue Screen of Death.
  • Crashes.
  • Drive Clean Up.
  • Liquid Spills.
  • Operating System Repair.
  • Registry Repair, Replacement of Faulty Parts.
  • Software Repair.

At Computer Repairs North Lakes, your computers are handled by Microsoft Certified Professionals. We work on all types and brands of computers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba and other brands.



The Laptop Repairs services may cover one or several of the following:

  • Blue Screen of Death.
  • Broken Battery.
  • Keyboard repair.
  • Display repair.
  • Broken Mousepad.
  • Hardware Repair.
  • Laptop Power Failure.
  • Repeated Crashes.
  • Operating System Repairs.
  • Software Repair.


Mac Repairs & General Troubleshooting service may cover one or several of the following:

  • Broken Audio Input/Output.
  • Failure to Sync.
  • Frozen Mac.
  • Kernel Panic.
  • Mac not turning on or off..
  • Persistent Beachball.
  • Sad Mac and/or Slow Safari.
  • General Apple Computer help.



Our Virus Removal services may include one or several of the following:

  • Malicious Software Removal.
  • Prevention and Removal of Popups.
  • Ransomware Removal.
  • Trojan Removal and/or Spyware Removal.



PC, Laptop, and Mac Upgrades may include one or several of the following:

  • Computer formatting.
  • Computer Tune-up.
  • Hardware Installation.
  • Operating System Installation.
  • Optimization.
  • Performance Speedup.



We can also help you setup and configure your internet and network equipment. Our general troubleshooting services may cover one or several of the following network setup requirements:

  • Computer won’t connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Internet Security.
  • Network Problems.Server Maintenance.
  • Email setup.
  • Network setup.
  • Server setup..
  • Wired Network Installation, and/or Wireless Network Installation.



Our General Troubleshooting services also help ensure that your data is safe and secure. We can help solve various data loss issues with our Data Recovery and Data Restoration services. Data loss issues that may be solved by our general troubleshooting services may include one or several of the following:


  • Forgotten Password.
  • Recovery of Data.
  • Recovery of Files, and/or Recovery of System.


Advantages of Our Computer Troubleshooting Services.

Handled by Certified Computer Technicians who are experts in both hardware and software maintenance.

With Computer Repairs North Lakes you can rest assured that your computer and gadgets will perform at their maximum. We have the expertise and experience to identify possible causes of problems and potential threats that may affect the performance of your computer. Once we have identified the cause, we will be able to find immediate solutions to address or repair any issue, both on hardware and software.

Complete Suite of Computer Repairs Services

Computer Repairs North Lakes offers a complete suite of computer repairs services. We can fix all kinds of computer problems and can handle all types and models of computers, laptops, Mac, and network equipment.

Reliable and Affordable Services

Computer Repairs North Lakes offer convenient and reliable General Troubleshooting services at very affordable rates. We are open daily from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Give us a call at (07) 3155  2003 to schedule a visit from one of our certified expert technicians. Our onsite computer repairs services are absolutely free of call-out charges and travel fees

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