August 22, 2020

Increase the Lifespan of your Laptop Battery by Doing these Simple Tips

Who does not want to have their laptop work for much longer hours? No one right? It is a fact that every laptop user does not want to experience any inconvenience looking or rushing to a power source particularly when they are outside. The key is to make the laptop more efficient in terms of conserving and taking care of its battery and eventually increase its life.

However, as time goes by, even the most expensive laptops can be affected by wear and tear that can affect its performance and parts including the battery. So if you want to conserve and increase your laptop’s battery life, it is imperative to learn the following tips listed below.


Make Few Changes to your Power Settings

The new Windows 10 offers new features that can bring the best performance of your laptop including conserving the laptop’s power and its battery. To do this, you can type and search “power options” then select “power saver” from the list provided. From there, you will know the different power-saving features that Windows 10 are providing including activating the sleep mode fast and other similar features. 


Removed All Unused Peripherals

Any peripherals that are connected to your laptop which are unused can drain the battery and can possibly affect its performance. Unused webcam or external hard drive can have the ability to conceive the power of your battery while it is connected to your computer even though it is not in use. The recommendation is to unplug all unwanted peripherals that have been neglected and connected to your computer. 


Keep your Laptop in Cold Places

Storing your laptop in cold places can bring a lot of positive impact on its efficiency and the lifespan of its installed battery. This is in contrast when you constantly store it in hot places where it can have a chemical reaction that allows it to produce unusable energy that might damage the performance of the battery. Hot conditions can be one of the reasons for the laptop’s battery to reduce lifespan.


Install Battery Diagnostic Software

There is software that can be downloaded to your laptop to provide you reports on the status of your battery. This software will give you a glance at how is your battery doing in terms of its health status and for your monitoring purposes. The monitoring includes the battery’s health, charge cycles, temperature readings, and a whole lot more information that will give you an idea of the overall status of your battery. 


Set the Laptop’s Screen Brightness to the Minimum

Most of the time, laptop users are ignoring the brightness of the monitor as a factor in contributing to battery drainage. However, a lot of computer experts highly recommend lowering the screen brightness settings of your laptop to avoid draining the battery quickly. It will also help in keeping your battery healthy, thus extending its lifespan.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Must be Shut Off


If you are in a situation where connectivity is not needed with your laptop, then it is highly recommended to turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Failure to do so will let your laptop constantly looking for available connection which can affect or reduce the power of your battery.


Avoid Keeping Your Laptop Always Connected to the Power Source

There are laptop users who unintentionally neglect in keeping their laptop plug to the power source.  Doing this can affect and lower the battery cycle of your laptop and can greatly reduce the life span of the battery.  


These are just some of the tips in keeping the laptop’s battery healthy and make it last longers. Follow tips provided and you will money in terms of buying a new battery and also help in taking care of your computer. 

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