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Personalise your mobile gadgets with Computer Repairs Mobile Device Setup North Lakes onsite services.


Computer Repairs North Lakes also offers mobile device setup services for all types of mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets. Our onsite services can help you setup, configure, and customise your new or current mobile gadgets and make your device run at your preferred settings.

We specialise in all types of mobile phones including Windows phones, Blackberry, iOS, and all Android supported phones. Our computer technicians are certified computer professionals with wide expertise and experience in both hardware and software set-up and/or repair. We can setup or repair any type of mobile device such as smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other handheld devices.

Call us today (07) 3155 2003 to find out more about our Mobile Device Setup North Lakes onsite services. Our certified computer technicians are readily on-call seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm even on holidays.

Fast and Affordable Mobile Device Setup North Lakes Onsite Services

Maximise the capabilities of your mobile device with customised settings that work with your lifestyle. We at Computer Repairs North Lakes can help unleash the full potential of your mobile gadgets with settings and features that work for you, whether it be for personal use or office use. our Mobile Device Setup North Lakes Onsite Services can help you setup and configure the settings of your mobile device for optimal utilisation.

Securely access emails, social media accounts, files, images, videos, data, and more in a single mobile gadget. Configure settings for work or for play. Setup multiple user accounts for a compartmentalised style. Sort and categorise files and contacts list for easier access and monitoring. Seamlessly integrate your accounts in multiple devices for safe and convenient syncing. Download and setup mobile apps for added functionality and features.

Whether you’re using a Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone, or any Android supported phone, our Mobile Device Setup onsite North Lakes services can help you setup, configure, and personalise your settings at the fastest possible time at very affordable rates.


Customised Services

Our customised mobile setup services can help you personalise your mobile device in various ways, from OS setup and configuration, to mobile apps setup, to hardware upgrades, data transfer, data recovery, hardware repairs, and more.


  • Specialises in any type of mobile device and can setup and/or repair both hardware and software.
  • Fast and affordable onsite mobile device setup service saves you time and money. Give us a call and we will deliver our services straight to your doorstep. Our service are absolutely free of travel costs and call-out charges. While our expert service process can help you setup your mobile device in an hour.
  • Over 20 years experience in computer repairs service both hardware and software.


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