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Custom PC Builder North Lakes – We Build Affordable Optimised Computers for Your Total Computing Experience

Computers sold at stores are packaged complete with all the elements the you need. It often covers hardware, accessories and peripherals, and software and applications. Store bought computers are also much more expensive as compared to generic computers. Although in-the-box solutions may offer a simplified popular option, computing needs are at the same time becoming more and more sophisticated.

Readily built branded computers loaded with features may not at all times fit your needs as a user. Whether you need a machine for home and office use, for gaming, or for video editing – you need an optimised computing experience with resources focused on workload performance that machine is built for.

We at Computer Repairs North Lakes specialise in building custom computers fit for your needs.

New Computer Build Services


new computer build north lakes

Our services combine the powerful capabilities and flexibility of a newly customised computer and the convenience of buying a machine from a manufacturer. Our customised computers can increase your machine’s capabilities, optimise computer resources, and improve your computing experience on the overall.

By choosing to build a computer of your own, you get full control of the features and specifications. Bundled software and miscellaneous apps can be eliminated so that resources are focused more on threaded workloads resulting to an accelerated process and improved performance of your computer.

We carefully research the selection of components, accessories, peripherals, and software. This way you can certain of the same level of quality like that of buying a machine from a manufacturer yet at an affordable price.

Customised PC Building Services

Our team of computer customization professionals and expert technicians can handle a wide array of complex computer design requirements. Our services cover the following aspects:

  • Computer System Design.
  • Customization Options.
  • Superior Hardware Options.
  • Enhance System Performance.
  • Customised Hardware and Software Configuration.
  • Customised Computer Testing.
  • Installation of OS of your choice.
  • Driver and Software Installation Process.
  • Updates and Security Patches Installation Process.
  • Convenient Upgrade and Repair Process.
  • Gaming PC Build.

Advantages of Building a Computer with Us

Out-of-the-Box New Computer Build Services Tailor-Fit to Your Specs

We custom build PCs for home users, students, gamers, photo and video editing professionals, 3D designers and business computer users. Our custom built computers can be designed based on a wide spectrum of specifications and features depending on your computing needs.

Up-to-Date, Efficient, and Secure

Our customised computers undergo a process of bench-marked rigorous testing to ensure you of the same level of quality and performance as that expected from a manufacturer released computer. Our custom built machines are tested for durability, efficiency, and safety.

Easily Upgradeable Machines that Satisfy Your Evolving Needs

Generic machines are easily upgradable and fixable. There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to building a customised machine. Aside from manageability of resources, affordability, and timeliness of the hardware and software selection, you also get the option to choose on when to upgrade computer parts and software at a convenient time with an affordable rate.

Convenient Access to Repair Services

We offer a complete suite of customised computer services. When you avail of our New Computer Build Services, you also get access to our team of computer experts who are ready to help you troubleshoot, solve, or repair any computer related inquiries, ensuring you of an optimised computing experience that is convenient and affordable.

Call us now at 0410 659 349 to find out more about our New Computer Build Package and other Services or email us at [email protected]. We are open every day from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, including holidays.

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