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Enable added features, maximise computer resources, seamlessly integrate new equipment, personalise computer settings, add new peripherals, install new hardware, update drivers – all that and so much more with our computer equipment installation services.

We can help identify which computer resources can be assigned to your new equipment to ensure that your computer runs at its optimal, even with a newly added device. Our customised services allow flexibility and more functionality that let you harness the full capabilities of your computer.

Whether for home use or office use, we can help you setup new equipment, test new setup, and configure settings for a personalised computing experience. For more information about our Setup New Equipment North Lakes onsite services call us at 0410 659 349. We are open Mondays to Sundays from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, holidays included. Give us a call to schedule a visit from one of our certified computer technicians. Our services are absolutely free of call-out charges and travel costs.


Our Computer Setup Services

Our services are designed for new equipment setup and enabling added features with custom settings ideal for your new or current computer or computer network. We identify which resources suit best for your new equipment and help install and configure your preferred settings. Our process helps eliminate any conflicts that may arise from adding new equipment, hence avoiding errors of conflicts that may occur.

Customised Setup Services

Our computer equipment installation services include a full range of support services that fit your needs. Our service may cover the following aspects:

  • Setup wireless printer.
  • Scanner setup.
  • Digital camera setup.
  • Webcam setup.
  • Additional monitor setup.
  • Video card setup.
  • Audio card setup.
  • Hard Drive install.
  • USB Devices.
  • PS2 connector devices.
  • FireWire setup.
  • Removable and non-removable storage.
  • PCI Tv tuners.
  • Modem cards.
  • Wi-Fi cards.
  • Network and LAN cards setup.
  • Wireless input devices (Wireless keyboard, mouse, or drawing pad).


  • Over 10 years experience in computer repairs and computer equipment setup.
  • Fast and reliable onsite services with a full range of support services that fit your needs.
  • Affordable rates with absolutely no call-out charges and travels costs.

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