November 7, 2019

Simple Fixes You Can Do When Having Internet Connection Problems

For computer users, the most difficult and embarrassing thing to happen online is when having a poor internet connection. This type of situation can greatly affect anything that we do online, whether it’s gaming, doing some work, and other related activities. Furthermore, having no or poor internet connection will limit your ability to maximize the full potential of your computer and will greatly affect the normal things that you do online.

As a normal computer user, there are simple things that you can do to rectify or even improve the poor internet signal. But before that, you must also check if the problem is indeed on the internet connection itself. There are some cases that the problem comes from other reasons such as from the internet provider and other possible sources. This is an important step that you must do to make sure that your internet connection problem is coming from your workstation

Reboot is Key

The easiest and quickest fix that you can do is to reboot and restart everything in your workstation. This includes your modem, router, and even your computer itself. While there are other reasons behind having a poor internet connection, this step should the first thing you need to do to address the problem. This is maybe the simplest but also the most effective step that you can do when having an internet connection problem.

Check the Connectivity

If rebooting does not solve the problem, the next best thing to do is check the physical connection of your internet peripherals. You must ensure that all cables are all well-connected physically and there are no damaged or unplugged wirings on both ends. If things are all good, you can check the modem and router if they are working and functioning without any issues.

Do Not Forget the Windows Network Troubleshooter

One of the easiest troubleshooting techniques that you can do when having an internet connection problem is to run the windows network troubleshooter. This is a built-in program on your computer that you can actually use to check the reason for your internet trouble. It can even assist you in fixing the problem depending on how big the internet connection problem is.

Check the IP

If you have already done the steps stated above and still there is no internet connection, the next thing to do is to check the IP. This will enable you to locate or pinpoint the exact location of your lost connection. After this, you can also check or review the validity of your IP and trying a PING in tracing its route.

Contact Internet Service Provider

If the push comes to shove and still you do not an internet connection, you need to contact your internet provider and ask for assistance. This is the best step to do if you are unable to fix the internet connection problem until this point. They are the expert and will probably fix the issue immediately.


Having an internet connection problem is never an easy situation. But there are a few things that you can do to address the situation. These are simple troubleshooting techniques that if done properly, might solve the problem with your own action.

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