Computer Software Installation

We aim to provide our customers with a complete range of services. Thus, we also offer computer software install services. We can install and set up and configure your selected software applications based your preferences. Also, we ensure that your computer’s resources are efficiently managed. This is done by eliminating unnecessary bundled software that may slow down your laptop or desktop PC.

software install and setup north lakes

We are up to date with the latest computer software and can help install and setup any software for you. Our certified computer technicians have a wide range of expertise and experience. So, when it comes to PC software install, testing and benchmarking, they are professionals.

Computer Software Install North Lakes

Advanced technology has made computer software installation an easy and simple process. This, however, may be time consuming and even daunting as you. Waiting for each software installer to download, configuring each setting and specific feature takes time and effort.  Our software install and setup service are designed to provide you with only the necessary elements and features of software. With Computer Repairs North Lakes, your computer will be running your selected software applications with your prefered settings in no time.

Customized Software Install Services

Our customised services help you install various software applications in any version out in the market today. We can help install and setup software based on your technical specifications and OS compatibility.

We can also help you select the most suitable software options fit for your needs. Our expert technicians are familiar with the latest software versions, price range and variations, and corresponding licenses for each. We can also help you look for free software alternatives that fit your budget.

Advantages of Our PC and Laptop Software Install Servies

Software Defaults Selection

Eliminate the hassle of choosing which software default to use for your computer. Our computer software install service is designed with smart selection of software defaults.  Your software is always installed and optimized for your computing needs. This service includes custom installation for both 32-bit and 64-bit directories. We always make sure to install the software that will fit your computer’s requirements.

Support for all Types of Software and Software Versions

Out PC Software install and setup service supports all types of software applications and their  various versions. Whether you want the latest version of a specific software installed or keep a previous version of a preferred software application, we can help you install and setup a stable version of your software.

Quick and Affordable Installation Process

With our custom installation service, your computer and laptop will be up and running with your preferred software applications in a just a matter of hours. We offer our computer software install and setup service at a reasonable per hour rate. It covers all aspects of computer software installation, setup, and customisation ensuring that your computer or laptop will run based on your computing needs.

For software install and setup North Lakes, schedule a visit from one of our Certified Microsoft Professionals. Call (07) 3155 2003. We are open Mondays to Sundays from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, holidays included.


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