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Our Wireless Home Networking Services Lets You Connect to Other Devices Wirelessly

Computer Repairs North Lakes offers Wireless Home Network Services for all types of network solutions, setup, and integration. Enjoy safe and secure access to your home network. Share data and connectivity, upload all types of media files, create a playlist, view and monitor your home or office from a remote location, use your internet connection at top speeds, access an app, file, or program, and maximise utilisation of machines and gadgets – all these over a secure wireless network.

Our Wireless Home Network Services includes a complete range of networking solutions fit for homes and businesses. Whether you want to setup a new wireless network or add a new device to your existing network, we at Computer Repairs North Lakes can help you at every step of the process.

Wireless networks offer convenient accessibility and portability across multiple devices. Connecting wirelessly to a device rids of bulky cable wire systems that may hinder portability and access. We can help you plan, configure, and test your wireless home networking system so that you are ensured of a safe and secure wireless connection within your network.

Wireless Home Network Setup North Lakes

Computer Repairs North Lakes Wireless Home Network Services

We can help you setup and configure your modem or router to connect to multiple devices wirelessly. We provide expert analysis that yield suitable practical solutions to your home network issues. Our team of certified technicians’ expertise on router and wireless configuration complete with networking tools can plan, implement, and support all types of wireless networking solutions both for the home and office.

We have extensive experience in wireless setup solutions with services offered at reasonably affordable rates. We have a team of certified technicians in North lakes are readily on-call from 7am to 10pm daily even on weekends and holidays. Call us at (07) 3155-2003 to find out more.

Customer Services

Our team of wireless home network service professionals and expert technicians can handle a wide array of complex wireless networking issues and requirements. Our services cover the following aspects:

  • Set-up, configuration, and testing of new or existing modem or router
  • Add users to a network setup
  • Allow users to view other users within network
  • Increase network security settings
  • Customise access via user-defined settings
  • Share printers, scanners, cameras, and other hardware within network
  • Access files and folders
  • Customise file sharing settings
  • Store data via shared hard disk space
  • Add user defined controls and features
  • Share data and connectivity
  • Boost internet speed


Convenient Access to Users and Files Over a Secure Wireless Network

With a secure wireless network, you can easily view, access, manage, monitor, and control multiple devices via a single access device. File sharing and data connection becomes easy while customisation of user controlled settings ensure that your data is safe and secure within your network.

Enhanced Portability of Device

Wireless Home Networks rid of various types of physical cabling systems that may hinder a device’s portability. With a wireless home network, you can access files, data, and devices without the use of a physical cable. This results to a more convenient computing and data sharing experience.

Increased Productivity

Wireless Home Networks let you create, store, and manage files and data more efficiently. Store data to a shared hard disk space or share folders and files with other users within the network for a seamless process of files and data sharing, access, and connectivity.

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